A Year Round Calendar : 2nd Quality

A Year Round Calendar : 2nd Quality

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18" x  20" Scratch-off Calendar

  • What's a '2nd Quality' Calendar?

    It's a calendar with a tiny cosmetic blemish. Our quality standards are so high that you might not even notice it. They're still 100% functional, beautiful, and practically perfect. We hate to see them go to waste, so we're selling them at a discounted price. 


    See photos above for blemish examples. Note: blemishes will vary per print and may include a small dark speck or paper fiber, or faint line resulting from the roller that moves the paper through the printing machines. 

  • Description

    'A Year Round' is a Montessori-inspired scratch-off calendar designed to beautifully display all of your most meaningful moments for the year in a single view. Scratch off your progress as you orbit day-by-day around the sun and hit holidays along the way. Use the personalized flags to add your own special events.

  • Benefits

    Got Kids? We developed 'A Year Round' calendar to make the concept of time more concrete and approachable for our little ones. "How long until my birthday?” was becoming a constant question and thus we became inspired to find a better way to teach calendar time. Flipping through pages of a traditional calendar wasn't cutting it. By visualizing the year all at once - seeing the order of events ("First is Thanksgiving, then Christmas, THEN your birthday") and the distance between them, it finally clicked.  
    'A Year Round' will lay the groundwork to learning time in a fun, engaging, and concrete way. We even designed-in other educational aspects:
    - a year is one trip around the sun
    - when seasons begin and end 
    - using the stylus for scratch-offs provides one more opportunity to practice pencil grip.


    No kids? No worries! 'A Year Round' was designed to be a beautiful display of functional art that can be displayed anywhere, and just so happens to be great for adults too. 

  • Details

    What’s Included:
    - 18w x 20h Poster
    - 48 flag stickers to add personalized events (additional stickers available to order here: https://etsy.me/37zcRlN) 
    - Wooden scratch-off stylus


    Holidays Displayed (as scratch-off): New Year's Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Groundhog Day, Valentine's Day, President's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Memorial Day, Father's Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Day


    Ships rolled up in shipping tube to stay protected.


    Works great with magnetic poster frame/hanger (not included, but coming soon as an optional add-on. In the mean time, try 'Durawe Company 18“ Magnetic Poster Hanger' on Amazon)


    Designed and Printed in the USA!